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Wan Smol Bag

Wan Smolbag's many years of experience means that there is a wide range of professional services offered.
The CEO is Michael Taurakoto.
    •    Scriptwriting for radio, theatre and video
    •    Directing for radio, theatre and video
    •    Workshops
    •    Research
    •    Reproductive health services
    •    Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and curriculum materials for schools
    •    Large-scale community play projects
    •    NGO management
Scriptwriting for radio, theatre and video
Jo Dorras has written over 100 theatre pieces, 20+ video film scripts and countless episodes of radio soap opera, plus a plethora of radio spots. She is conversant with a wide range of issues in the development and cultural arena. A former teacher, she also produces student & teacher manuals, pamphlets and comic books for educational purposes.

Directing for radio, theatre and video
Peter Walker, Wan Smolbag's artistic director has directed countless productions in theatre, radio and video. Wan Smolbag's core group actors have also directed many stage and radio productions with actors from all over the Pacific.

Wan Smolbag's artistic director, scriptwriter and core actors run workshops every year on topics such as radio drama and documentary production for teachers, nurses, NGO workers and theatre groups. Also workshops on how to use Wan Smolbag videos in communities with discussions and follow-up exercises. This is done at Wan Smolbag, where there is theatre spaces and a fully equipped radio studio and video editing suite. WSB has run workshops for almost all Pacific countries and also for the Australian HIV project in West Papua. Their peer educators also run frequent workshops on reproductive health issues and life skills.

Wan Smol Bag can provide a team of trained youth to carry out interviews.

Reproductive health services
As one of the first NGO reproductive health clinics in the region, Wan Smolbag's clinic staff can offer excellent advice and assistance to organisations wishing to provide reproductive health services and peer education to youth and settlement communities. Services include various RH tests. We have clinics in Port Vila and Luganville, and our nurses visit the Haulua Centre in north Pentecost once a month.

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and curriculum materials for schools
Wan Smolbag Theatre has produced countless posters, leaflets, resource guides for video and music CDs. Jo Dorras, Wan Smolbag's scriptwriter, is behind most of these and there is an experienced team of desktop publishers on hand to layout and print the educational materials.
Jo Dorras and the actors run workshops on how to use these video resource guides (student & teacher manuals) in the classroom. They are used widely by schools and NGOs throughout the Pacific. Their work is well known to education departments in many Pacific countries.

Large-scale community play projects
We mention this as a separate item. Anyone brave enough to tackle this exhilarating but all-consuming form of theatre, involving anything from 80-200 community members, would benefit from the skills and experience of Wan Smolbag in this field.

NGO management
As a large non-government organisation of many years experience in proposal writing, project management and reporting, plus personnel management, Wan Smolbag's management team is ideally placed to assist other NGOs in all aspects of running a community-based NGO.


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