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Busi Vasconcellos-Neill

  • Busi Vasconcellos-Neill
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Painter, Percussionist, Teacher
Column : Music, Fine arts, Arts and crafts

Busi Neill, born Vasconcellos, is an international artist, musician and teacher, resident in Port-Vila since 2003. Born and raised in South Africa, she studied visual Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (Holland),from 1991-1997. She has been exhibiting since 1989 and has participated in 7 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Vanuatu and internationally. She is an unacknowledged member of the Nawita Association and has exhibited with them since 2005, including in Centre Tjibaou in Noumea.
Busi is mainly inspired by the "life" : nature, colours, forms, music, people in their environment. She loves to express herself boldly, freely, without too much fuss about realism. She uses mixed media often, and incorporate recycled or discarded objects and materials into her work. Drawing with paint and assemblage is her favourite ways to express. The process is as equally important as the final product. She likes to see her work growing and changing and reflecting the place and time and experience of where she lives communicating beyond the boundaries of origin, language and culture.

Source : Busi Vasconcellos-Neill, AF

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