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Juliette Thirouin

  • Juliette Thirouin
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Art historian, Coordinator
Column : Fine arts, Heritage, Arts and crafts

Juliette is from France, during her studies in history of art in Paris, she chose to major in Oceanian arts. At this time, she had never been to Pacific islands. In 2011, she decided to go to Melanesia and so she arrived in Vanuatu. She first started at the Vanuatu Cultural Center, as project coordinator for the National museum where she worked on the collections and Ni-Vanuatu heritage. Then she got closer to the contemporary creation with a short-term contract at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien, an art gallery. Now, she wants to work more with kids.
Being in Vanuatu, has a really impact on her vision of life. She’s attached to Melanesian culture and keep learning more and more about human values. She wants to transmit her interest for the cultural field and to show how positive can be its influence for everyone’s daily lives! 

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