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Valéry Lebeau

Valéry Lebeau
Photographer, Artistic director
Column : Photo, Media

Born in 1967, graduated from the Photography SEPR School in Lyon in 1987, he is definitely the Artist of the team.
As a talented photographer, he has drawn attention on political figures, social life and proud Nicaraguayan rebels providing in his photos a very special combination of humour and originality and not hesitating to play with the decorum to his models' delight.
As a Creative Director in Paris for more than 15 years, he has worked with the prestigious Havas Vivendi Group. Being in charge of several magazines, he also won over this period various awards for best layout, cover and photo.
Now installed in Vanuatu he has set up his own agency with the creation of IGmedia in 2007 bringing to Port Vila his skills and personal touch. Port Vila already owes him its best signs and the successful "relooking" of local companies.
Source : IGmedia


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