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Wiles Memorial Singers

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Wiles Memorial Singers was formed in 1998 in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Wiles Memorial Singers is named after the early Australian pioneer missionary, Norman Wiles, who came with his wife Alma to the New Hebrides in 1915. Norman and Alma from Adelaide, South Australia came and lived amongst the worst notorious cannibals of Big Nambas on north west Malekula and successfully converted them from savaged heathens to Christians. Sadly, Norman died on the 5th of May, 1920 from what was known as Blackwater Fever and was laid to rest at Tanmaru village, on North West Malekula.

The Wiles' remarkable legacy constitutes a very important chapter in the history of Seventh-Day Adventist in Vanuatu of which we are so proud.

Wiles Memorial Singers has produced four audio albums with DVDs as well; its fourth DVD album was released in September 2012, which was shot on locations around Sunshine Coast in South Queensland, Australia. The fourth audio album,"Endless Love" was released in February 2012.

Over time, Wiles' ministry have been blessed with different members who joined the group to use their musical talents and keep the ministry going. The current members are;

Joel G Toa

Jimmy Philemon

Johnson Aru Marieu

Johnny Ishmael

Graham Uzakana

Karl Philip

Kensly Joses

Max Philemon

Rexley I Shem

Richard T Edwin

Richard Teten Dick

Roderick VJ Gairo

Rodney Philemon

Stephen Joel

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