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Emmanuel Watt

  • Emmanuel Watt
© Jean-Paul Billandon
Fine artist, Sculptor / carver, Performer
Column : Intercultural/migrations, Arts and crafts

Emmanuel Watt is a sculptor from Vanuatu. Born in 1947 in Port-Vila, he works on wood, black coral and nacre.

He travels and works in Europe for many years and comes back to Vanuatu in 1974 to "rediscover" his own country and its very inspiring natural environment with a new eye. He exhibits his first sculptures in 1976 and deepens his practice throughout the years. In the 1990s, together with a group of artists, Emmanuel Watt creates Nawita Association, the first contemporary art association of artists in Vanuatu that travels its works to France, New Caledonia, Australia, China, Japan...

One of Watt's main topic is the development of our awareness towards the protection of our environment. The role of the artist being "to make visible what is not visible to the eyes of the public", to give a second life to abandoned or left out objects or branches, shells that come to the shore, burnt out or broken.

Constant tribute to an ever-creative Nature, Emmanuel Watt's work has numerous museum and private collectors and has been the subject to many catalogues.

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